It goes without saying that confidentiality is an absolute must. If you wish to speak to any of the project-leaders and board members we have worked with in the past, please contact us so that we can put you in touch with them.

A selection of projects from 2003 to-date include (in brackets the year of the core activities of the project):

Strategic and conceptual projects

  • Strategic realignment of large German publishing house incl. masterplan for operative restructuring and new organizational set-up (2010)
  • Development of a value-added program in cooperation btw. payor and major pharmaceutical company with a focus on an integrated approach to the management of multi-morbid patients (2010)
  • Strategic concept for generics market entry Germany for global pharmaceutical player (2010)
  • Business case for launch of a Germany-wide kindergarden chain for integrated services provider and implementation plan for pilote project (2009, 2010)
  • Market entry strategies Japan (2003) and China (2006) and establishment of dedicated sales subsidiaries for a global manufacturer of medical devices
  • Systematic evaluation of the competitive position, deduction of an action-plan for a leading German media region marketing board (2003)
  • Development of a Strategic Market Management Model, planning of corporate roll out for a global manufacturer of medical devices (2007)
  • Diversification strategy for entertainment segment, concept for a virtual digital world for a sports media and marketing company (2008)
  • Concept for launch and management of a company-owned childcare centre for a German medium-size company (2008)
  • Strategy-project on ESports sponsoring for internet Start Up with gaming focus (2007)
  • Co-founding of a PPP (public private partnership) master degree course for a German University – focus on development of the curriculum and the student selection process (2003)

Projects with a focus on process optimisation

  • Concept and implementation of benchmarking tool in pharma production (cooperation project, 2010)
  • Optimization of processes at global pharma player to identify and evaluate potential participation in bids for Germany-wide rebate contracts with payors (2009)
  • Development of a systematic process to positively impact the evaluation and reimbursement mechanisms for a global pharmaceutical company (2008)
  • Definition of functional und technical requirements for an optimised demand-planning tool for a global manufacturer of medical devices (2005)
  • Establishment of a systematic market-investigation process for a leading German media region marketing board (2003)

Projects with a focus on organisation

  • Concept, launch and continuing management of a worldwide Marketing & Sales Advisory Board for Executive Director of a global manufacturer of medical devices (2007)
  • Redefinition of roles and responsibilities of a key-department based on the ARCADE classification model for global pharmaceutical company (2008)

Our references at a glance

“Consulting is a role, not a job.”

Marvin Bower
“A problem is a chance
for you to do your
very best.”

Duke Ellington
Director Corporate Strategy RTL Television, Cologne;
Director of Documentary Programmes and Magazines La Cinq, Paris;
Head of International TV Sales RM Associates, London
5 years with a focus on healthcare (payor and pharma), media and public sector
Activate, React, Consult, Agree, Decide, Execute