Meier Consulting provides a partnership at eye level with the client – this is Ulrike Meier’s credo. In many cases she also acts as direct consultant and coach to top-management.

Typically, clients approach us when they are confronted with a complex decision-setting, the detailed tackling of which requires the application of a conceptually founded tool-box with a range of analysis and problem-solving instruments. Stringent project-management is an essential element of this process.

Three categories of projects shape the work:

  • Strategic and conceptual projects
    Example: Diversification concept for the entertainment business for a sports media and marketing company
  • Projects with a focus on process optimisation
    Example: Realignment of the demand planning process for a manufacturer of medical devices
  • Projects with a focus on organisation
    Example: Redefinition of roles and responsibilities of a key-department based on the ARCADE classification model for a pharmaceutical company

The typical models of cooperation are:

  • Meier Consulting heads the project, driving the client’s topic from a content point-of-view towards a decision using its well-rehearsed methodological tools.
  • We are an integral part of the commonly defined project-team and work on dedicated tasks as agreed in the project-plan. The leadership of the project lies with the client.
  • We are the expert, sparring partner and/or coach to the project-leader and/or the board members. We challenge the results and never tire of asking “So what?”

The methodological portfolio is diversified and has been coined by years of management consulting in various roles and at different levels of the client organisations. We are as familiar with cost-benefit analyses and NPV calculations as with creativity techniques for an idea-generation workshop.
“Consulting is a role, not a job.”

Marvin Bower
“A problem is a chance
for you to do your
very best.”

Duke Ellington
Director Corporate Strategy RTL Television, Cologne;
Director of Documentary Programmes and Magazines La Cinq, Paris;
Head of International TV Sales RM Associates, London
5 years with a focus on healthcare (payor and pharma), media and public sector
Activate, React, Consult, Agree, Decide, Execute